Cogito ergo sum

Cogito ergo sum
20 Oct 2017 Friday
20 Oct 2017 Friday

Cogito ergo sum

Pawtucket, RI
Blackstone Valley Visitors Center

Title of film – Cogito Ergo Sum

Running time – 5:23

Genre – experimental film

Who is presenting the film at the festival –

Synopsis – Individuals present themselves in unique ways that reveal their style of self expression while also breaking the social norms of society.

Short bio of filmmaker/presenter –

Lillian Flaherty graduated from Beacon Charter High School for the Arts in 2017 where she discovered her love for filmmaking. She has always had a passion for art, everything from painting to drawing; it was her way of expressing herself. It wasn’t towards the end of her senior year where her creative interests took an alternate route when she picked up a camera and fell in love with a new art form. She played around with the software Final Cut ProX and was invested in editing footage to create meaningful short movies. She is currently applying to film schools around the country to further her education and become the best artist she can be.